Award Winning Concert Sound Mixer Robert Scovill

I present to you the story of "The Live Vinyl Lovefest" 

Okay, I admit it. I'm a little OCD. Okay, I'm a LOT OCD. And yes, it bugs me that OCD is out of alphabetical order. Need more evidence? Okay, here it is. I have an album collection. Actually I have two album collections. I have one that is sorted by artists, and it is 100% studio recordings. I also have another album collection. It's sorted by artists as well, but it's ONLY the artist's live albums. See what I did there? See what I mean? I fully realize this makes me weird. How do I know? Because every single record store owner I've talked to told me so. It starts like this; "Hi there. Hey, I'm looking for live album releases only, can you show me what you have?" This is followed by kind of a blank gaze while the person tries to process how he's gonna do that. I've solved that problem at my home office.

But I digress. Live Vinyl Lovefest originated on my Facebook page. It took place every morning during a period where I was prepping to mix a couple of live records for artists I've worked with in the past. It was a really nice way for me to pass time at 6:00AM listening and studying while waiting on my son Jackson to get up for school. So, enjoy the back stories and the fun! This is not a regularly scheduled set of posts, but I will continue it on from time to time. What can I tell ya? I have a BIG pile of live records over here. 

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