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The Fugs "Golden Filth"

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

The Fugs. If you know, then you know.

"Okay, so … if you’re not familiar with The Fugs I suggest you do a little research before running out and purchasing this record."

November 28th, Welcome to “What-the-FUG-Wednesday” on the Live Vinyl Lovefest. So, I had a fantastic dinner with some dear friends last night and it reminded me that one of them actually challenged me regarding LVL. He claimed that "if my live collection was truly comprehensive I would have this album in my collection". I’m happy to report on LVL that I have passed the test and met the challenge. Bring it!

Ladies and gents I present to you The Fugs “Golden Filth Live At The Fillmore East”

Okay, so … if you’re not familiar with The Fugs I suggest you do a little research before running out and purchasing this record. The Fugs are a satirical musical group who formed in the very early 60’s at a time when America was still considered pretty conservative, but a country on the brink of massive change and upheaval. The coming decade was the perfect breeding ground for satire, especially of a political or sexual nature. The Fugs were the perfect fit. The measure of making your mark as a political activist in the 60s was if the FBI had a file on you. The Fugs made the grade by being described by the FBI as “the most vulgar thing the human mind could possibly conceive”. Heady stuff for the 60s folks.

The Fugs would go on to be extremely active and vocal participants in anti-ware activism and have continue to perform, play music and satirize to this day. You might remember that in 1994 when promotors we’re building the cash-cow known as “Woodstock 94” The Fugs pushed back hard on the concept of commercializing and capitalizing on such a historic event. They created their own festival to run concurrently called “The Real Woodstock Festival” which had appearances by Allen Ginsburg and Country Joe McDonald! Their efforts have even been included in movies such as the Coen Brothers classic “Burn After Reading” Ya know, given the state of the world we live in today, I think WE NEED THE FUGS.

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