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Diamondbacks Cancer Run

And we're back for the 2019 DBacks Cancer Run. This one is always on the calendar for us. We rarely if ever miss it. It always feels special to do runs to help find a cure for Cancer. It seems to hit everyone and my family is no exception. Mary Jo, Jacque and I have done this one at least 4-5 times now and there is always a good turn out.

Now, here's the "funny" part. I had asked MJ the night before what time the race started, and she said 7:45. Okay great, won't have to get up so early etc. Nice.

EGGGGGGG! Wrong. Race starts at 7:15. We come strolling into DBacks plaza about 7:30 or so and I'm saying "hey, I don't see any body at the starting line". And just then I hear over the PA system "and here comes our first runner". Uh-oh.

So, we started the race ... late. I mean, you're there. It's for the cause. You simply have to run. And we did. Straight into the throng of on coming runners finishing. It was difficult and demoralizing. I had set a goal after last weeks Pride Run to finish sub 30:00. Now that seemed like it was going to be very difficult to pull off. But hey ... #htfu! right?

So, I took off. And of course I ended up off course. So I just went as far as i could on course and turned around at 1.6 miles and looped back to the finish. I was watching my watch and as I could see the finish line, I realized I was not going to break 30:00 so I broke my pace down and coasted it out.

So, I get home ... down load my watch data ... and guess what. I actually ran longer than 5K ... and broke 30:00 for the 5K portion. Yeah, maybe it's better not to know. I'm starting to see a theme here. Knowing is over rate. Just run. Seriously. Just run. More running, less analysis.

#htfu #cancersucks #justrun

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