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Race for The Cure & Tri For The Cure

What could be more #htfu than taking on two events in two days? Yeah! Bring it! Let's do the "Race for the Cure 10K" on Saturday and then out to do the "Tri for the Cure" on Sunday. I see some ice baths in my future.

So Saturday. Let's roll. Light turn out for the 10K at the campus of GCU, but hey okay -- let's go. Long boring loop course around the campus but, ya know, stop whining. Let's just do the work. Started out pretty good -- but at about mile 4 started to feel some tightness in my right hip. This hip has always been a bit of an issue but don't need it today. So, I switched into a :30x:30 fast walk / half sprint for the remainder of the race. Decided to save a bit for the Tri tomorrow. Good choice in the end.

Woo ... that alarm came kind of early on Sunday. Up we go. Coffee. Mid stretch. Into the pre-packed car the night before. Me and my trusty side kick Mary Jo are OFF TO THE RACES!

Well at least this Tri is a bit WARMER than the last Tri in Vistancia which was FREEZING COLD! So there's that. But, I have to say it. I HATE swimming pool Tri's. Yep, hate'm. Give me open water every day of the week and twice on Sunday. So tough to get into any kind of rhythm. That said, my swim time was pretty good,.

Now on to the bike. I need work on the bike. I'm not very good on the bike. I need formal training. These are thoughts that should not be on your mind during a bike race.

Now on to the run. This is a sneaky little run in this Tri. A lot of up and down and a long stretch of incline. Deceptively tough in the context of a Tri.

But as good #htfu-ers do, I gutted it out. Didn't post a great time, but on whole I really like doing Tri's. If I can improve significantly on the bike and get just a bit stronger in my run -- and hopefully run with less leg pain -- Ironman AZ is in my sights.

#htfu #cancersucks #nosocksfromthisdayforward

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